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Role playing in World of Warcraft is what we're about. As role players we come up with information about our characters that the standard game mechanisms usually don't process, such as detailed descriptions, last names and such. But thankfully there are addons that let us do this to a more extended degree. Here follow a few addons that we leaders of the Winderblades recommend you use:

Total RP 2Total RP 2 allows you to assign yourself, your pets and your companions, an (alternate) name, a last name, a name prefix, a title and a description, and it allows the addition of role playing buffs and debuffs, the cration of role playing items which can be traded with other players who have this addon or Gryphonheart Items, and a lot more.Curse.com
MyRolePlayMyRolePlay allows you to assign yourself a last name, a name prefix, a title and a description, and even lets you modify your main name. It also has a place to write down your character's background story, as well as input for other information.Curse.com
FlagRSP 2 and FlagRSP CataclysmFlagRSP is an AddOn for World of Warcraft that allows players to add additional information about their characters into the game. It is designed to support role players and allow others with FlagRSP2 to easily see if the character is a role player or is even in character.Curse.com or FlagRSP2 Cataclysm at Curse.com
Rembember that, while using a role play addon such as those listed above, the description is not your background story. The description is additional information about what people see when they look at you(r character) and should be short, to the point and easy and quick to read and comprehend. A more detailed description may be written further down in, and thus be noticed by those who look closer (read further).

Also remember that you only need one of these addons to make it work. Often, having more than one RP addon can cause the addons to become confused and mess everything up. Find the one that you like the best and go with that.
LoreLore was designed to aid Roleplayers in World of Warcraft with the ability to speak in 'languages' other than those enabled by Blizzard. It also contains options to render your character (partially) unable to understand a certain language, speak dialects, stutter, hiss, growl, lisp and more. It's also a quicker way to swap between the languages you speak, and let's you see what language is selected.Curse.com
While it might be tempting to make your character know all languages you come by, remember that it should at all costs be plausible. Why should your night elf be able to speak demonic? And "druidic" is a language that has no support in any excisting lore, and is as such not acknowledged by the Winterblades! But by all means, use the addon (reducing your understanding of common might grant you some really amazing role play) and have fun.

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