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As a branch of the Sentinel Army, the Winterblades also cooperate with other organisations. Amongst these are: The Winterblades

Guild: Description: Relations with the Winterblades: Address:
The Order of Nature's Grasp The Order of Nature's Grasp is the oldest night elf guild on the server. They were formed in Teldrassil after the defeat of the Burning Legion and the destruction of Nordrassil. The Order brought Sentinels, Druids, and Priestesses together in union to create an Order that would help protect kaldorei lands and gain some control over the new events facing the Night Elf people. After the Cataclysm the Order accepted Highborne into their ranks. They are known to be more open-minded and free spirited than the more military Winterblades, and if you would like to play a mage, a magic sympathiser or if you simply embrace the changes brought onto kaldorei society over the last years, this might be a suitable guild for you. The more conservative Winterblades and the liberal Nature's Grasp share a lot of history, which has been filled with both cooperation and conflict. The two are opposites politically, and Nature's Grasp more openly welcome change brought on by the Alliance, and have been known to have more friendly attitudes towards at least parts of the Horde, where the Winterblades aim to protect tradition and what we know is true and right. Natures Grasp
The Moonhunters
The Moonhunters is another night elf regiment on the server. They're a younger guild than the Winterblades, but operate in many of the same ways as we do. The main difference is that the Moonhunters enlist mages. The Winterblades and the Moonhunters have cooperated in battle, and share a hatred towards the Horde, though there is some tension brought on by the Winterblades' open disapproval of the Moonhunters' mages. Moonhunters
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