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The Winterblades is a military regiment, and a free branch of the Sentinel Army, and as such we operate with a list of ranks, as follows:

#Lieutenant General
The first period of your membership in the regiment will be as a Winterblade Outrunner. An Outrunner is a regular solider, though during this time you get to know the regiment, and we and you find out how well you and the regiment are fit. You'll be expected to participate in battle, meetings and other larger events, and will proabably also get to take part in group missions.

(OOC: All classes are elegible for, and must become an Outrunner before it's possible to achieve any higher rank.)

The Sentinels are the more experienced soldiers of the Winterblades, as they are in the rest of the Sentinel Army. Achieving this rank grants you patrolling duties, as well as the oportunity to be sent out on solo missions. As a Sentinel you'll be granted more responsibility within the ranks, such as the role of "big sister" (or "big brother"), meaning we'll ask you to help lower ranking members growing both in skill and as members of the Winterblades.

(OOC: All classes are elegible for, and must become a Sentinel before it's possible to achieve further ranks. All members of the Winterblades are considered Sentinels, also after having acheived higher ranks.)

As a Druid you won't be charged with the same amount of responsibility as other Sentinels. We consider Druids an aid upon which we do not utterly depend, even though you're a highly valued addition to our regiment. Druids tend to come and go as they please, as has been the way of things for the last ten millennia (also known as "the long vigil"), and the Winterblades have high regard for traditions. This being said, a Druid that has been granted a mission and accepted it is ouf course expected to complete said mission, such as is expected from any other member of the Winterblades.

(OOC: Druids won't be considered any less of a member than the rest. Allthough this is the highest rank achievable for most Druids, you might still be put in charge of instance parties/raids or pvp missions, if seen fit.)

Tehe very best of the Sentinels may rise and become a Huntress. This rank is only obtainable once you've gained the full trust of your leaders, and will as such grant you more freedom and responsibility within the regiment. Huntresses may be used as officers of the regiment and thus granted authority over other members, and will also be requested to attend tactical meetings.

(OOC: The title of Huntress is achievable by hunters, warriors and rogues. The female form is used because this rank is traditionally only held by women. A male Huntress will get "hunter" added in the officers note. It might also be harder for men to achieve this rank.)

Among the Priestesses, the best ascend from being a Winterblade Sentinel, and become a Winterblade Priestess. To become a Priestess of the Winterblades you must earn the respect of the higher ranking Priestesses as well as Lieutenant General. You will also be a crucial soldier, and requested to participate in battle, and will be requested to attend to tactical meetings.

(OOC: The title of Priestess is achievable only by priests. The female form is used because the priests of Elune have traditionally only been women, and this is a tradition we keep in the Winterblades. Male priests can not join.

The Winterblade Guardians act as second-in-command to Lieutenant General Arodeesa Winterstorm. They have complete authority within the regiment, unless disputed by the Lieutenant General. The Guardians act as leaders of the regiment, but they also voice the members' opinions to the Lieutenant General.

Commander Sheyton Mystralwind leads the Winterblades in the Lieutenant General's absence.

Lieutenant General:
Lieutenant General Arodeesa Winterstorm is the leader of the Winterblades.

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